Welcome to Normandy Computer Services - HADOPI - How It Affects You
HADOPI - What you need to know.
New laws have been passed in France that will affect all internet connections, for details please click here. In a nutshell the new body has the powers to monitor your internet connection if you are suspected of downloading/sharing copyright material illegally such as music or video. The penalties for this kind of illegal activity are harsh. After many delays the web monitoring is thought to be starting July 2010.

Part of the law states that you are responsible for securing your own internet connection. The responsibility of securing the connection lies with the registered owner (subscriber) of the internet access and if somebody uses your connection for illegal downloads etc. then it is the owner that faces the penalties. It is imperative that you are sure that no members of your family/household use the connection for this purpose. Buying media legally on-line is not affected.

Even if you are reasonably positive that your connection is not used by your household for downloading copyright material illegally, please be aware that a lot of broadband modems have WIFI capability. It is essential that you secure the WIFI connection or turn it off should you not be using it. Some modems such as those from NEUF/SFR have WIFI hotspots enabled by default and must also be secured or turned off. WIFI hotspots are normally not secure and were added to modems in a bid to improve WIFI availability all over France. An unsecured WIFI connection could mean that a neighbour or stopped vehicle could utilise your connection for which you are in turn responsible.

If you have a Gite or bed and breakfast facilities that offer WIFI connection then you must now decide if it is worth the risk as you will be held responsible for anything downloaded over your connection.

Most broadband modems/routers come with instructions that show how to access the built in software which will allow you to disable WIFI/Hotspots or to make sure that WIFI connections are properly encrypted. If you are unsure then I am available to help secure your modems at my regular call-out charge as per my prices page. Please contact me if you need advice or would like to make an appointment. I can also recommend ways to improve your privacy on-line should you feel the need.