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Welcome to Normandy Computer Services - Prices
Please see my price list below. Some prices are quoted on an hourly basis but in most cases I can quote an accurate price once that I have understood the nature of the work involved. In other cases the hourly rate might prove rather expensive because some problems can take a long time to solve, in these circumstances I will happily place a cap on the price over which the job will not exceed, please see my "Fair Price" policy below. In any case please do not hesitate to contact me and I will attempt to quote a firm price if at all possible.

I am located at Montchamp 14350 and I receive visitors by appointment only please, I will happily send full details of my location via email. I also offer a call-out service should it be required.

Fair Price Policy.
Hourly charges can escalate when a job is more complex than it first appears, and under these circumstances I endeavour to cap the price of a job to a reasonable level. Some jobs are not cost effective when charged at the hourly rate, and when I feel that this is the case I will endeavour to offer a fixed rate that is fair for both parties. If you have any concerns of this nature then please contact me and I will be happy to discuss your circumstances.
Computer Services Price
Repairs - Upgrades - Backup & Recovery - Security - Software configuration
I offer an half-hourly rate with a minimum charge of one hour. The price is based upon the item being brought to, and collected from my premises, an extra charge will be applied for a return delivery should it be neccessary. In some cases I can quote a fixed price for the job if required, please see my "Fair Price" policy above. The prices of components or software are not included and will be charged accordingly. Please click here for information about my services.
€15 per half hour - Min charge €30
Computer Lessons
Lessons are held on my premises and range in time from 60-90 minutes. The length of a lesson varies according to the experience of the pupil as I do not penalise beginners who may be slower than more experienced users. For lessons at your premises please refer to the call-out charges below, the lesson price will be set at the basic call out charge of one hour and extra minutes will not be charged, if in doubt please contact me for a firm price. Please click here for information about lessons.
€30 per lesson
Call-Out Charge
In an effort to be fair, Call-Outs are charged at a fixed rate according to the distance I have to travel. The charges shown are based upon the distance from Montchamp village to your location as stated by google maps. Please click here to calculate the distance (Click "Directions") and then refer to the prices shown here which include a labour charge for the first hour. After the first hour, labour is costed in fifteen minute intervals. If you have problems calculating the distance then please contact me with your location for a firm quotation. *Please note that distances over 30km may be payable in advance (debit/credit card via Paypal). Distances over 50km are sometimes possible but will probably require payment in advance, please contact me for details.

Please note that not all repairs are possible on the spot and I may need to transport your equipment to my premises which may incur extra charges. I operate a "fair price" policy, please see details above.
Distance from Montchamp Price
Up to 20km €60
20.1 - 30km €70
30.1 - 40km €80
40.1 - 50km €90*
Price above includes 1 hour labour.
After 1 hour there is a charge of €7.50 for each 15 minutes or part thereof.
Broadband & WIFI Installation
The prices for Broadband & WIFI installation are the same as call-out charges. In most cases and under normal circumstances configuration will be completed within the first hour. If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me.
Please see call-out charges above.
Website Design & Creation Price
Personal Information Site - click here for a sample
A single web page that can contain personal information such as name, address, phone number(s), email address, a photo and additional text (up to 1,200 characters) along with an interactive map to your location. This map will show your Sat-Nav coordinates and will give users directions to your property from anywhere in the world!. So if you have trouble directing people to where you live, then with a personal information website you can simply give them your web address. The website created can be for public view or password protected for privacy if required. The price includes layout (your choice of colours), web address and hosting costs for one year. The site is renewable each year for which a fee is payable. The web address included within the price is a sub-domain of and can be any name or phrase that is available such as (please click for a sample). A unique web domain such as can be created at an extra cost of €25 per year. For personal use only, business owners please see our other options below.
€50 all inclusive for one year

Renewal costs €20/year
Business Card Site - click here for a sample
A very cost effective way of getting your business on the internet. This item is the same as the "Personal Information Site" above but with the addition of an extra photo, space for a company logo, a contact form, and a higher descriptive text allowance of up to 2,500 characters. Click for a sample. A unique web domain such as can be created at an extra cost of €25 per year.
€100 all inclusive for one year

Renewal costs €40/year
One Page Website
A complete website on one page! This item is the same as our "Business Card Site" but with higher allowances. A one page website has space for six photos, a company logo, a contact form, all of your contact details, an interactive map, and descriptive text of up to 8,000 characters. The customer has a choice of colours. The price includes an address on such as A unique web domain such as can be created at an extra cost of €25 per year.
€200 all inclusive for one year

Renewal costs €60/year
Full Website
A full website consists of more than one page with menus to navigate between the different pages. The customer has a wide range of facilities and designs to choose from and each site is unique. Each website is professionally hosted on a unique domain name ( and is optimised for speed and search engine rankings. The website can also include blogging and forum facilities which means that the client can add extra information to the site directly. Each website is quoted separately based upon the clients needs so please contact me for further information or to arrange a meeting.
From €425 including unique domain name and one year hosting

Renewal costs from €125/year
Artwork & Design Price
I can provide artwork for any printing service. The prices given herein are to provide artwork compatible with Vistaprint on-line printing service. Please see my "Artwork & Design" page for more details. I will also undertake logo design. Please contact me for further details and a quotation for your project. Artwork: Business Card from €50

Artwork: Post Card from €80