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The internet has evolved to become many things to many people. For some a website is a 24 hour interactive brochure or catalogue which can promote a business or actually generate sales. To others it is a place to express themselves and to many people it is a place for social networking or entertainment. For certain the internet is at the forefront of information-on-demand for a countless number of subjects, and importantly the "World Wide Web" has no boundaries and can reach people globally in many languages. It is estimated that more than 25% of people worldwide, and over 70% of French & British persons use the internet regularly, and these figures are growing daily.

It is now assumed by most internet users that if you have a business or offer a service then you will have a website that provides further information of your activity. On-line shopping has now become mainstream and many people turn to the internet searching for holidays, accommodation, tradesmen, used cars, classified advertising and many other services. A website is the most cost effective way of presenting your services to the public and a business without a website will suffer to it's competitors that do have a web presence.

A well designed website should be simple to use, informative, and encourage visitors to become involved. It is important when designing a website to reach a balance between looking good and being functional. A graphic rich website may look good but may also prove to be prohibitive with visitors on slow connections who will not wait too long for a site to load. It must be technically correct so that it will run properly in all of the various popular browsers currently available, and it should also have a degree of backward compatibility because a lot of users still rely on old browsers that are technically inferior.

Many website owners rely purely upon search engines to attract customers to their website. It is very difficult to achieve high search engine rankings as it is probable that there are thousands of other sites competing for the same search words. It is very important when designing a site that search terms are taken in to consideration in the early stages as it is an integral part of the way the site will function. There are no guarantees that search engines like Google will ever index your site, but it is important that a site is technically correct and honest with it's content. All of the websites that I have been involved with have been indexed by Google and a lot have achieved page one rankings.

I endeavour to build functional, informative websites that look good and are unique. I spend time listening to clients' needs and incorporate their content and images in a well presented manner. I will also write the descriptive text content and take high quality photographs if required. For full details please contact me to discuss your website requirements. Please see some samples to the right of the page, more available upon request.

I offer a wide variety of internet services including full website design, one page websites, "business card" sites and personal information sites. The sites that I design are hosted by high quality servers which offer both speed and reliability. Prices for internet presence start from just €50 including design, web address and hosting fees. All of my costs are very reasonable and I will happily spend time talking to clients about their needs, and quote a price accordingly. There is no obligation and I will even throw in a nice cup of tea. Please see my prices page for further details.

If you have an existing website that needs attention or extra content then I would be pleased to hear from you. I also undertake optimisation of existing websites in an effort to improve speed, functionality and search engine rankings. Please contact me for full details.
This website was designed and created by Paul of Normandy Computer Services